Why Wear Orthotics?

Why Wear Orthotics? There are 3 arches of the foot: media, lateral and transverse (inside, outside and across). Most generic orthotics only support the medial arch. As we age and continue to put weight on our feet, the ligaments in the arches are prone to stretching and flattening out. This loss of arch support can cause a number of stability issues, which can lead to foot, ankle, knee, hip and back or even neck pain.

Getting custom fitted orthotics will help to support collapsed arches and improve overall stability, which can help you hold your adjustments longer.

From the beginning of October, Chiropractix will be providing custom fitted orthotics using a digital foot scanner. The scans will then be sent off to the Footlevelers lab to create a customized flexible, 3-arch support orthotic just for you.

Stay tuned and ask us about our custom orthotics.