Why Wear Orthotics?

Wearing orthotics can be a great way to support your feet as you age and continue put weight on them. The three arches of the foot are media (inside), lateral( outside)and transverse which means they span across from side-to easily inside out too! As we use our shoes every day this happens over time causing discomfort in some cases such pain or tightness when standing long periods without breaks because there isn’t enough space for those muscles being used by all four corners correctly; leading many peopleundulation issues with their MP joints-the place where two bones meet at 90 degree angles.

Don’t let your feet suffer anymore! Chiropractix is offering custom fitted orthotics using a digital foot scanner from October 1st to help support the arch and improve stability. If you have been experiencing any of these issues due to weak ankles, collapsing arches or poor posture then this service may be perfect for helping fix them before they get worse
It’s time we invest in our health by taking care both physical fitness as well as ensuring proper footwear which will allow us more comfort during everyday activities like standing up all day at work (or running around after kids).

The Footlevelers lab is creating your personalised set of foot supports that will help the arches on both feet work together optimally; this ensures maximum support while remaining flexible enough so it’s easy-to use all day long!