Sunshine and Exercise!

Enjoy the sunny weather by taking your exercise routine outside. Whether it’s in your backyard or at a local park, it’s important to get fresh air, sunshine and exercise daily. 

Regular exercise is important for overall health and wellness. It strengthens muscles and bones, and improves our mental health. By exercising outside we are exposed to vitamin D which controls the levels of calcium in our bloodstream and keeps our bones and muscles healthy.

Some ideas for exercising outdoors include jogging or walking, yoga with your family in your backyard or local park, and open water swimming. 

Exercise and vitamin D are not the only things your bones and muscles need to stay healthy. Regular chiropractic and remedial massage keep your joints aligned and muscles relaxed, leading to better spinal and overall health. Long hours working from home and trying to stay warm mean chiro and massage are more important than ever for healthy bodily functions.

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