If you are getting back into an exercise routine after a long winter, below are a few tips to help you ease back into getting fit.

1. Start easy
It may have been a while since you’ve had access to heavy weights so now is not the time to try for that new personal best. Start back slowly and with a lighter weight to build up your strength and stamina without causing injury.

2. Schedule a day and commit to it
Even if you only feel like you can commit to one day a week, schedule your exercise and stay consistent. This helps solidify exercise as part of your regular routine.

3. Find what motivates you
Whether it’s smashing through personal bests, a workout buddy, a 30 day challenge or a personal trainer, find what motivates you to stick to your exercise routine. Motivation is different for everyone so find something that makes you excited to train.

4. Prepare your body
Adequate warm-up and cool-down exercises are essential for preventing injury when exercising. Warm up the muscle groups you intend to train before starting and stretch them out well after. Regular stretching, even when not exercising is important for keeping muscles flexible and joints aligned. 

5. See the professionals
When returning to exercise after a long break, or changing your exercise style (eg. from running to weight training) regular chiropractic and remedial massage protects your musculoskeletal health and nervous system. They aid in recovery and prevent injury, keeping your body functional and pain-free.

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