Chiropractic Beats Physical Therapy for Back Pain
chiropractic for back pain
chiropractic vs physical therapy

Chiropractic vs Physical Therapy

A new report has looked further into the effectiveness of chiropractic by comparing it to physical therapy treatment and studying the long-term benefits of chiropractic.

By examining how much continued care patients had, after the initial study period, they could determine the effect each treatment method had on future health care consumption.

The authors found: 38% of the chiropractic care patients and 54% of the physical therapy patients sought care for their back pain during the one-year follow-up. Chiropractic patients had an average of 2.2 visits to a health care provider after the treatment period, whereas physical therapy patients averaged 6 visits after a one-year period.

Therefore, the authors concluded that chiropractic was more effective for pain relief, as patients required less frequent ongoing treatments.
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