Hiking is a free form of exercise that is also incredibly versatile and great for your spinal health. It increases circulation, mobility, flexibility, strength, re-hydrates spinal discs, and helps improve overall fitness. Hiking is also a weight bearing exercise so it increases bone density, preventing osteoporosis. 

This kind of exercise strengthens your muscles while keeping you flexible with a better range of motion. Chiropractic supports this by keeping the spine aligned correctly so that the joints all work as they should. When your body is in correct alignment, you don’t have pressure on your joints, and muscle groups aren’t working when they shouldn’t.

Tips for a great hiking experience
Chose stable and supportive shoes. Make sure they fit well and allow your foot and ankle to function as they should.
Warm up and stretch for a few minutes before starting your hike. This can improve your performance and prevent injury.
If hiking is new to you, chose an easy trail to begin with. As you become more confident you can tackle more challenging terrains.
Poles can help with balance or include your upper body in the workout.
If you are hiking a more challenging trail, take a friend to keep you motivated and have your back.
Getting adjusted before you hike restores strength, balance, coordination and flexibility required to meet your goals.
Before you head out on your next hike through Queensland’s beautiful landscape, don’t forget to book a chiropractic appointment to ensure your body functions the best it can. 

Click HERE for a list of great hikes close to Brisbane.

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