Dr Tim – Chiropractor



Tim specialises in Chiropractic care and is excited to help you achieve your well-being goals through natural chiropractic treatment. Experienced in high force and low force techniques, Tim believes all people, shapes and sizes can benefit from chiropractic care. He is heavily involved in sports chiropractic and also regularly competes in powerlifting and CrossFit; therefore, Tim understands the importance of a fully functional spine and nervous system. 
Tim is originally from North Queensland and graduated from Central Queensland University. He was drawn to chiropractic when he realised the impact he is able to have on his community. He has a strong passion for the principles of chiropractic, but with his sporting background he understands the importance of a holistic lifestyle.
To book an appointment with Dr Tim Harris Chiropractor call 3369 0110 or click here to book online.
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