Dr Ashleigh – Chiropractor

Dr Ashleigh Lucas
(Fully Qualified and Licensed Chiropractor)

Ashleigh has a passion for improving people’s health and getting people back to what they love doing. Her interest in biomechanics and holistic health started from a very young age, competing in state level athletics, cross country and socially playing nearly every sport that was available to her. She continued on to pursue a career in chiropractic after experiencing the positive effects and relief chiropractic treatment provided for her hip and back pain that came with competing.
But her aspirations to improve patients overall health and pain came from her own experience with chronic injury/pain. During her studies she experienced her first major injury. While running she suffered a severe ankle injury, which prevented her from participating in sport. From this experience it has shaped how she treats presenting complaints and helped her thoroughly understand the physical and emotional impact that comes with chronic pain and injury. She saw many practitioners that purely treated the site of pain but didn’t treat the condition holistically.
completed her Bachelor of Chiropractic Science at Macquarie University and Masters of Chiropractic at Central Queensland University in Brisbane. She has continued her studies in various soft tissue therapies including active muscle release, dry needling, PNF stretching.
Outside of practice, Ashleigh is usually organising picnics with her friends in New Farm park or enjoying her day off at the beach.

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